Bahrain-Merida Fun Ride

Ride with the Pros!

Bahrain-Merida Fun Ride

Bahrain Road Runners is excited to announce a rare opportunity to ride with 28 of the World’s most renowned cyclists, all of which are proudly representing the Bahrain-Merida Pro Cycling Team. Join us, and ride with the pros. Talk, take pictures and learn from the best of the best, including the legendary Vincenzo Nibali, one of six riders in history (and the only active one) who have won ALL of the Grand Tour races.

This is a fun ride, not a race, and our aim is encourage as many cycling fans as possible. All you need is a bike and a helmet, and registration is free! Total ride distance is 45km, and group average speed would be 28km/h.

BRR aspires to bring participants together as a community by offering a supportive, energetic and empowering environment for people pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. We invite you to continue your wellness journey with us!

Event Details

  • Price: Free (that's right, as in FREE!)
  • Registration Ends: Tue 3/Jan/2016 at 11:59pm
  • Age Limit: 16 - 120 years of age
  • Location: Sofitel Bahrain, Zallaq
  • Date: Sat 7/Jan/2017: at 8:00am
  • Ride Distance: 45km
  • Average Group Speed: 28km/h

Check-In Details

  • Dates:
    1. Check-In: Sat 7/Jan/2017: 8:00am - 9:10am
    2. Ride Starts: Sat 7/Jan/2017: 9:30am

Ride Specific Rules

Each event is unique in some form or another. Below are the Bahrain-Merida Fun Ride specific rules.

  1. This is a fun ride, not a race. You are required to have fun.
  2. You must wear a helmet. Unless you're riding your tricycle, of course!
  3. Average Group Speed: 28km/h. That's right, the Pros, won't even be pedaling.
  4. Drafting is legal. Of course it's legal, it wouldn't be a fun ride otherwise.
  5. Treat all participants, marshals, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  6. For safety reasons, headphones are not permitted. Seriously, though, who would want headphones when you ride besides the pros?

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Route Map

Enlarge the full route map.

The Jersey!

David Pleše showing off Bahrain-Merida's new Jersey!


Ever wandered how the pros train? Take a glimpse from the video below.

A Glimpse of Bahrain-Merida

The Bike

Bahrain-Merida Pro Cycling Team

Bahrain-Merida is the first cycling team to be based in the Middle East and are committed to the growth and development of the team and ensuring the best conditions for its riders to achieve top results in the biggest races around the world. The Bahrain Cycling Team aims to showcase the Kingdom of Bahrain on this global stage, presenting the Kingdom as a premier business and tourism destination, as well as supporting the growth of cycling within Bahrain and the Middle East.