Seef Mall Half Marathon

21.1km City Race

Seef Mall Half Marathon Race

Join us for the Seef Mall Half Marathon, and enjoy a spectacular view of the city in a rare opportunity where the road is closed for traffic.

BRR aspires to bring participants together as a community by offering a supportive, energetic and empowering environment for people pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. We invite you to continue your wellness journey with us!

Registration Instruction

  • Registration Ends: Fri 31/12/2020 at 23:59 or if we reach the maximum capacity
  • Age group will be generated automatically depend on runner’s date of birth
  • Runner must write the correct timing chip in the registration form, we are not responsible for wrong entry of the correct chip number
  • Runners who don't have timing chip, they could buy new one for BD 5/-and we will send it out with the race package only

Race Details

  • Price: 15 BD
  • Age Limit: 16 - 70+ years of age
  • Location: Toys R Us and Chili's car park (parallel to Seef Mall, Manama)
  • Runner have to park in Seef multi car park
  • Toilets are available at gate 5 and 6
  • Race Date and Time:
    1. Date: Fri 29/01/2021
    2. Race Start Time: 7:00AM
    3. Race Cutt Off Time: 10:30AM
  • Race time after the cut off time won’t be counted
  • Timing begins when the Runner crosses the start line
  • The race will start in waves, organized by the bib numbers. The waves will be organized from fastest pace group in the front to the slowest pace group in the back.
  • During registration Participant will select expected pace:
    1. Pace A: Sub 4min pace per KM
    2. Pace B: Sub 5min pace per KM
    3. Pace C: Sub 6min pace per KM
    4. Pace D: Sub 7min pace per KM
    5. Pace E: Open pace

Participant Package Details

  • Delivered by courier company to your address in Bahrain, please write your address correctly
  • Package will include: T-Shirt, Bib, race information and timing chip if you are buying

Award Ceremony:

  • Trophies and Cash Prizes to Top three overall (Male/Female): 1st BD300, 2nd BD200, 3rd BD100
  • Trophies to Top three finishers in each Age Group (Male/Female): 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+

Race Specific Rules

    Each race is unique in some form or another. Below are Half Marathon specific rules.

    1. Timing Chip must be worn for the entire race duration. It should be worn on the shoelace or on an ankle bracelet.
    2. Runners hold the responsibility of entering the Timing Chip code correctly during the registration, any wrong typo of the timing chip code my result on no recording the timing
    3. Trophies will be awarded for all age group winners.
    4. Treat all participants, marshals, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
    5. Participants must wear their BIB facing forward during the race.
    6. For safety reasons, headphones are not permitted.
    7. Also read the Full Race Rule (Click Here)

Safety Precautions

  • Pre-Start:
    1. Mask must be worn pre-start.
    2. Temperature of each participant will be checked. Participants with temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be able to participate in the race.
  • Start Area:
    1. Mask must be worn & Social Distancing must be maintained.
    2. Athletes must stay with their assigned wave.
  • Race:
    1. Mask can only be removed after the first 300m.
    2. Athletes should avoid running directly behind another athlete.
    3. All the Aid Stations will be self-service.
  • Finish Area:
    1. Athlete must wear Mask that will be provided at the finish line.
    2. Gathering will be prohibited.
    3. Mask must be worn during the trophies ceremony.

Manage My Events

Need to update your Chip ID, or correct your personal information? You may now manage your own events:

  • View your registration
  • Edit your registration information
  • Manage your team (where applicable)
  • Transfer registration to another athlete (where applicable)

Location Map

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