Portmarine Olympic Triathlon

Organized by Bahrain Road Runners, in association with Bahrain Triathlon Association

Olympic Triathlon

Join us for the annual BRR Olympic Triathlon, proudly sponsored by Portmarine in association with the Bahrain Triathlon Association. The Olympic distance Triathlon will cover a distance of 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike Ride, and a 10km Run. BRR aspires to bring participants together as a community by offering a supportive, energetic and empowering environment for people pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. We invite you to continue your wellness journey with BRR!

Race Details

  • Price:
    • Age Group Category: US $27 (Trophies for Top 3 Age Group Winners: U25, U35, U45, U55, 55+; both genders; no cash prizes)
    • Elite/Pro Category: US $27 (Cash Prizes: 1st BD100; 2nd BD50; 3rd BD25; both genders; no trophies)
    • Teams: US $40 (Trophies for 1st; Female-only, Male-only, Mixed-gender teams)
  • Registration Ends: Wed 23/Nov/2016 at 7:00pm
  • Age Limit: 18 - 120 years of age (Individual); 16 - 120 years of age (Team Members)
  • Location: Durrat Marina, near Durrat Al Bahrain
  • Date: Fri 25/Nov/2016: 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run; race starts at 7:00am

Bib Pickup Details

  • Location: Elevation Burger, Seef Mall, Seef District
  • Dates:
    1. Tue 22/Nov/2016: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
    2. Wed 23/Nov/2016: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Race Specific Rules

Each race is unique in some form or another. Below are Olympic Triathlon specific rules.

  1. Timing Chip must be worn for the entire race duration. It should be worn on the shoelace or on an ankle bracelet.
  2. Trophies will be awarded for all age group winners.
  3. Treat all participants, marshals, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  4. Participants must wear their BIB facing forward during the run, and facing backward during the bike ride.
  5. For safety reasons, headphones are not permitted during the race.
  6. Helmets are required during cycling, and must be worn before leaving the transition area.

BTA Competition Rules

  1. Failing to follow the prescribed course; stop and go and re-enter the race by the same point. If fails to that DSQ.
  2. Using abusive language or behavior toward any one whether intentionally or spontaneously; DSQ.
  3. Repeated violations of Competition Rules; DSQ.
  4. Not stopping in the next penalty box being obliged to do so; DSQ.
  5. Headphones and mobiles are not allowed, if used, DSQ.
  6. In transition area, only the clothes and accessories that you are going to use is allowed but within your limit. Bags are not allowed in that area.
  7. Any grievance will be applicable if at least two witnesses are there.
  8. Protesting rules:
    1. Up to 1/2 hr. after finish line, after than that protesting is not allowed.
    2. BD. 5 paid to protesting committee with a hand written request and full explanation.
  9. Littering is a penalty, littering twice is DSQ. Throw water bottles only in designated areas (littering zones).
  1. SWIMMING CONDUCT: 1 lap swim of 1.5 km
    1. The use of wetsuits is optional on this race.
    2. Propulsion devices that create an advantage for the competitor, or a risk to others, are forbidden.
  2. CYCLING CONDUCT: 1 lap bike of 40 km
    1. The bike must be checked by the Technical Officials.
    2. Wearing the helmet is a must during the bike segment. If not, DSQ.
    3. Mount the bike before the mount line or dismount the bike after the dismount line; Open/Elite: 15 seconds in the penalty box. For Age Group, only stop and go once corrected.
    4. The bicycle draft zone will be 10 meters long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete.
    5. Draft is illegal; 1st offence will be 2 minutes in the next penalty box. 2nd offence will be DSQ.
  3. RUNNING CONDUCT: 4 laps run of 2.5 km
    1. Crawl during the running segment, DSQ.
    2. Headphones as mentioned are not allowed.
  4. Team Relay
    1. Team relay exchange completely outside of exchange zone; Time penalty 10 seconds.
    2. Team relay exchange not completed, or intentionally completed outside the changing zone; DSQ.

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A Glimpse of the Olympic Triathlon Race

Bahrain Triathlon Association

Bahrain Triathlon Association is the National Federation of Triathlon, Paratriathlon, and all other multisports in The Kingdom of Bahrain. BTA was founded in 2013 and received the ITU recognition by 2014. It is a member in the ITU, ASTC, and Arab Triathlon Confederation. BTA's president also serves as Arab Triathlon Confederation Vice President and BTA athletes are Arab Champions in Triathlon and Aquathlon both male and female.

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