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Share the joy and excitment with BRR Events. Come and join us, our schedule is filled with fun-filled races. Don't miss out any events, add the dates to Your Calendar.

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Event Type Date Time Location Results
BRR AlAreen Run 2022 Run 11-Mar-2022 02:00pm AlAreen Wildlife Park Alareen Results
NBB Color Me Run 2022 Run 25-Mar-2022 02:00pm Marassi Diyar Almuharraq N/A
AmEx Marathon 2022 Run 11-Feb-2022 06:00am Jazaer Beach Full Marathon Result
Seef Mall Half Marathon Run 14-Jan-2022 07:00am Seef Mall Manama Seef Mall Half Marathon Result
DHL Cross Island Run Run 24-Dec-2021 08:00AM AlAreen Wildlife Park DHL Cross Island Result
Saada Bahrain National Day Walk Walking 16-Dec-2021 7:00AM Sa’ada Waterfront Development, Muharraq N/A
BRR GP Series 5K,10K,15K Race 2021 Run 22-Oct,29-Oct and 05-Nov of 2021 07:00am/8:00am Muharraq (Al Ghous Park) BRR GP Series Result
BRR Battle of the Teams Running 01-Oct-2021 8:00AM The outdoor area of the Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir Battle of the Teams Result
Seef Mall Half Marathon 2021 Running 29-Jan-2021 7:00AM Toys R Us and Chili's car park, Manama Mall Half Marathon Result
CrediMax Grand Prix 2021 Running 08-Jan-2021 and 15-Jan-2021 6:30AM AlGhous Park, Muharraq Grand Prix Result
Bahrain National Day Walk 2020 Walk 16-Dec-2020 7:00AM Bahrain Fort, Karbabad N/A
Alba AlAreen Wildlife Run 2020 Run 14-Feb-2020 2:00PM Alareen Wildlife Alareen Race Result
Seef Half Marathon Run 10-Jan-2020 7:00AM Seef Mall Half Marathon Result
Cross Island Run 2019-12-13 06:50am Sakheer Desert Cross Island Result
BRR GP Series 5K,10K,15K Race 2019 Run 2019-10-25, 2019-11-01, 2019-11-08 06:30am/7:00am Muharraq (Al Ghous Park) Grand Prix Serise 2019 Result
Color Fun Run Run 2019-03-22 3:00 PM Amwaj Island N/A
AlAreen 10KM Run Run 2019-03-08 2:00 AlAreen Wildlife Park Alareen Race Result
Full Marathon 2019 Run 2019-02-22 5:45AM Zallaq Springs Full Marathon result
5KM Road Race 2019 Run 2019-02-08 7:00AM Bahrain Fort, Seef Area 5KM Race result
BIC Neon Fun Run Run 2019-01-25 3:00 PM BIC N/A
Bahrain Half Marathon 2019 Run 2019-01-11 7:00AM Seef Mall Half Marathon result
Cross Island Run 2018-12-21 TBA Sakheer Desert Cross Island result
BRR GP Series 5K,10K,15K Race 2018 Run 2018-10-19, 2018-10-26, 2018-11-02 6:30am Muharraq (Al Ghous Park) Grand Prix result
BRR Ritz Aquathalon 2018 Aquathalon 2018-09-15 6:00 Am Ritz Carlton Hotel (Seef Area) Aquathalon result
Bahrain Full Marathon Run 2018-03-02 6AM Bahrain International Circuit , Sakheer Bahrain Full Marathon result
Bahrain Half Marathon Run 2018-01-26 7:00AM Seef Mall BRR Half Marathon result
GP Series Race Run 2017-12-22 to 2018-01-05 7:00am Muharraq (Al Ghous Park) GP Series Race result
Cross Island Race Run 2017-12-15 6:50AM Sakheer Desert Cross Island Result
Nando's AlAreen Run Run 2017-12-08 02:00PM AlAreen Wildlife Park AlAreen Race Result
Bahrain French Aquathlon Aquathlon 2017-12-01 8:00AM Novotel Al Dana Resort (Beach) Aquathlon Result
Costume Fun Run Run 2017-10-27 4:00PM Hamala Beach Resort N/A
5KM Road Race Run 2017-10-20 7:00am Bahrain Fort (Seef Area) 5KM Race result
Aquathlon Aquathlon 2017-09-15 3:00pm Water Garden City Aquathlon Result
Olympic Day Run Run 2017-05-06 CANCELLED Bahrain Bay N/A
Women & Kids Run Fun Run 2017-04-22 9:00am Seef Mall N/A
Historic Sites Walkathon Walkathon 2017-04-21 7:30am Bahrain Fort Museum N/A
Harbour Row Fun Run Fun Run 2017-04-08 10:00am The Harbour Row, BFH N/A
Duathlon Duathlon 2017-04-07 7:00am Next to Bahrain Sailing Club Duathlon Results soon
Pearling Path Walkathon Walkathon 2017-03-25 8:30am AlHala Sports Club, Muharraq N/A
BIC Neon Run Fun Run 2017-03-24 6:00pm Bahrain International Circuit N/A

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