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The most fun running group on the island!

BRR has grown over the past 40 years from a local running club to a regional champion of the running movement, and its efforts and events serve all runners and active individuals.

The future of such a long history of BRR and its impact on sport in the kingdom of Bahrain will continue to be written for years to come.


Civic Engagement

BRR is nonprofit organization, and everything goes back to the community

Giving back is at the heart of BRR. In 2016, BRR's most notable donation was to the Sickle Cell Disease Patient Care Society. BHD 21,000 was donated to help acquire a blood exchange dialysis machine, that will reduce patients excruciating pain.


Bahrain Road Runners

Lace up and pound the pavement with us

Analyze Your Results

Achieve Anything. Set your goals high and reach for the stars. It's all about the effort.

Socialize with Friends

Good Company. Learn, be inspired and have a good laugh. In the end, it's all about being happy.

Challenge Yourself

Everything Is Possible. If you are new, experienced, young or old. Run and push on. Crossing the finish line is an amazing experience.

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