BRR Membership Program

Be the change that you wish to see

BRR Membership

We are pleased to introduce our new membership platform, and we are happy tnnounce that Active Members registering for BRR Events may be eligable for a discount during registration. Your Membership means a lot to us – it demonstrates your commitment to the sport, and more importantly, helps us achieve our goal of being a helping hand in our society.

BRR's Annual Membership Program costs 15 BD, and you must be 18 or over to join. Athletes typically recuperate the cost by participating in three races, by which, the discount amounts would equate the Membership fee. You can view your Membership status under My Subscription by visiting your profile via Access your Account.

Membership Benefits

We are in the process of enhancing our Membership Program. Visit us often to learn about new and exciting benefits and offers of the BRR Membership Program.

  • Privilege to obtain members discounted race entry fees.
  • Voting right on Annual General Meetings.
  • Free entry on selected events.
  • Get inside view on club’s performance and financials.
  • Access to members only information.
  • When being kept on a waiting list for capped events, members would get higher priority.